Seat Concepts tall comfort seat

Time for a gift to my beloved Noraly (and to my also beloved butt), finally my new Seat Concept seat is arrived and I’ve been able to test it on a few trips.

When I bought my T7 I immediately also bought an OEM Yamaha Rally seat because I’m 193 cm and the standard seat was a bit too low for me. The Rally seat is very very beautiful and its height is perfect for me, I’m able to flatfoot easily and my riding position is perfect, however there was a problem: sore butt.

At first I was struggling after only half an hour of riding with tingling legs and sore butt, and I was absolutely sure that the main problem was practice.
With more and more travels this problem became less and less annoying, after a few months I was able to ride up to almost 3 hours without any tingling or pain, I was able to get some relief changing my riding position frequently or standing on my footpegs, but still I can’t say It was a comfortable ride.

At that point I started to look for some aftermarket seats, and throught https://tenere700.net I was able to get a discount for the new Seat Concepts products, in particolar I was interested in the new one piece tall comfort seat.
The price is good, shipping from USA is expensive but I was able to get a nice discount from the official Seat Concepts seller on tenere700.net, and the total price was almost the same as the OEM Yamaha Rally seat; sadly I live in Italy and our famous bureaucracy decided that I had to pay 120 extra € for custom fees and taxes (a tax on a tax, can you beleave it? :\ ).

Seat Concept’s customer care was also super good and very kind, they’ll help you in any possible way to choose the best seat for your needs considering your riding style, your weight, how tall are you and so on. You can choose you seat details, colors, materials and also what kind of foam is better for you.

And here we are, finally the seat is arrived and my firts impression was WOW!
The seat is so wide compared to the rally seat (which is very narrow, also compared to the standard T7 seat) and the foaming is slightly softer than the standard and the rally seat (I let Seat Concepts choose the right foam for my weight and riding style).
The seat height is the same as the rally seat, but because of it’s shape it feels like it’s a little bit higher.
The comfort is great, compared to the rally seat it feels like a top class sofa, and thanks to it’s shape now my knees angle is wider and using shifting or brake pedals is much more comfortable and feels more natural than before.

The only issue I can think about it is that the small underseat storage room is the same as the standard seat, and smaller to the rally seat I was used to, so I had to adjust my emergency tools and documents pocket to it, but as you can imagine this is not big deal.

In the end I think I made the right coice, the seat is perfect for my needs, it’s really comfortable on the street and don’t interfere at all when you standup on your footpegs during offroad.
The price is reasonable and the customer care is awesome, I only hope that some day Seat Concepts will have some EU store or reseller.